Seeking & Speaking your Inner Truth
Seeking & Speaking your Inner Truth
Seeking & Speaking Your Inner Truth

Welcome to Seeking & Speaking your Inner Truth

Who we Are

Hi, I’m Carmen Hunter…certified health coach, trusted health coach mentor, wellness practitioner educator and founder of the new health coaching institute that’s transforming the industry, the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™.

I teach health coaches how to break through their comfort zones, build up their confidence, implement a low-risk, investigative health coaching approach that allows them to work with any client who comes to them, and maximize their income + impact. The best part? I do it all minus all the gimmicks and false promises you’re probably accustomed to.

Just ask my students…

Hi I’m Diane…An FDN Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Breast Implant Illness Recovery Expert & Non Toxic Beauty Queen. After many doctors, addictions, prescriptions, procedures, travel through 26 countries and a near death experience, you can say I learned a lot about what health and self love are NOT. I channel my leadership skills as a former pro soccer player to ignite Courage in others to step up into their Greatness and stand up to their broken beliefs and ‘Bully Within’ that holds them back from living the life and leading the purpose they came here to serve. 

I’m an intuitive healer, energetic empath, author of ‘Killer Breasts’, host of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit, and Star of the Upcoming Docu-Series ‘Dying to be Beautiful’.  I took my 10 years of Health research + lifelong learning of Mindset Mastery to create Cleanse, Heal, Ignite – a program which has helped thousands of women around the world use the power of intuition to discover their inner healer, by providing them life-long tools reverse auto-immune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma and perfectionism. 

Together we help you become a better leader, in your life, for yourself or as a health coach. We are here to help you Seek & Speak your Truth, wherever you go! 

Why We created this

We are 2 women warriors, health leaders + truth seeker and speakers, who practice and preach Intuition as our greatest asset and ally for self-healing and personal empowerment. We created this Conscious Community as a lighthouse and sacred space for you to step up and speak out during these dark times where many are confused where to turn for honest health support. Our mission is to help you help yourselves by learning to listen to and TRUST your intuition, to ignite courage, truth and freedom rooted in Love and Powered by God. We are focused especially on preserving our constitutional rights and medical freedoms, because our nation, our planet and our children’s lives depend on it. Topics covered range from current events (masks, shots, boosting immunity, knowing your rights) to protecting yourselves from harmful physical, emotional and chemical toxins such as diet, breast implants, toxic beauty, EMF, environmental chemicals + the bully within and childhood trauma.

What to Expect

ACTION. + Clarity, Courage & Community! There's a lot of talk about all of the darkness around us right now, but the biggest question we are ALL asking is: WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT to rise up and reclaim our freedom, health and happiness? If you are a warrior or leader on a mission to transcend trauma and toxins and transform it into your greatest SuperPower, you are in the right place.  No Victimhood here, only victorious souls who are truly on a mission to serve, create and rebirth a New Earth, starting with yourself!

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